This indenture made the twelfth day of March in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twenty two between David
Crotser of the County of Rowan in the state of North Carolina of the one part and George Ressler of the County of Rowan & state
of North Carolina of the other part.  -------- that the --- David Crotser for and in consideration of the sum of Eighty Dollars
to him in hand paid by the said George Resler the receipt. And the said David Crotser doth hereby acknowledge hath
--- granted bargains and doth aliened and confirmed & by these presents doth give grant bargain and sell alien & confirm
unto the said George Ressler his heirs and assignsforever all that tract and ---- of said situate lying and being in the
County of Rowan on the waters of Crane Creek.  Beginning at  a Pine Stake in the old line John Melcher Ellers corner and
running thence with his line North seventy five links of chain to a stone his comes.  Thence  North eighty degrees East --- --- to
a black jack oak.  Thence North one chain to a Post oak Thence East five chains and fifty  links to a stake where Hickory
Stood.  Thence South three chains to a black Jack oak on the --- line said Ellers corner.  Thence East twenty ---- --- the
twenty links to a Post oak.  Jacob Ellers corner  ----- with his line North twenty four degrees --- --- --- ---
and forty links to a white oak ----- Ellers corner ----- with his line ---- chains and ----------------------------
Black oak and ----- ----- --- ------ on Philip Crotsers line. Thence with his line South eleven chains and forty links to a Post oak
Thence with his line again West thirty four chains and fifty links To a small white oak in an old --- in Henry Agners old line
Thence South with the same fourteen chains to the old corner near The road in Fred: Ellers line.  Thence East passing his corner to the
beginning.  Containing nintey seven acres of land be the same More or less and also all the woods, ways,water & water courses
And all and every the ----- ----- belonging or in any Wise appertaining. and the re----- and re-----, remainder &
Remainders, ----- ----- and profits of the aforesaid land & premises And every part thereof. And all the estate right ----- -----
claim property and ----- whatsoever of the said David Crotzer. Of, in, and to the same and premises ----- -----  To have the
Hold the aforesaid Lands and premises --------------------------- unto The said George Ressler his heirs and ---------------------------------- and
Behoof of the said George Ressler his heirs ----------------------------. And the said David Crotser for himself -------------------------- aforesaid
Land and premises and every part thereof ---------------------- heirs And --------- the claim or claims of all --------------------------- or
Persons whatsoever to the said George Ressler --------------------------- Shall and will forever warrant and ----------------------------.
In ----- of whereof the said David Crotzer hath hereunto set His hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written
Signed Sealed & Delivered                               David X Crotzer                   Seal
In the presence of J.W.Walton                                  mark
Peter  X  Eller
Rowan County February ----- 1829
     I hereby certify that the written Deed was duly proven in
Open Court by the oath of J.W. Walton recorded and ordered to
be registered.                                                  John Giles clk
Registered 15th April 1829.